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Climate drawdown is the point at which greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere level off and begin to decline on a year-to-year basis. Drawdown is a milestone in reversing climate change, and eventually reducing global average temperatures. Reaching Drowdown is the most important task of humanity in the next 50 years.

Project Drawdown is a scientific climate change mitigation project initiated by Paul Hawken. Central to the project is the compilation of a list of the “100 most substantive solutions to global warming.” The list, encompassing only technologically viable, existing solutions, was compiled by a team of over 200 scholars, scientists, policymakers, business leaders and activists. The team measured and modeled each solution's carbon impact through the year 2050, its total and net cost to society, and its total lifetime savings. In that sense, Project Drawdown gives us a Scientific Master Plan and a optimistic view on reverting climate change.


Project Drawdown is a perfect plan to make Businesses better and more competitive, just with a positive collateral effect. The key ingredient is information and Artificial Intelligence is perfect for this task. We  know enough smart people who are willing to contribute their knowledge for the future of the planet. Let's work and safe the planet!

Michael C. Rubin - Founder Drawdown Business


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If you knew better, you'd have taken another decision. Each of us knows this situation only too well. We live in a complex world and our knowledge encompasses only a tiny fraction of it.  Hence, it is usual that we take decisions based on assumptions, guesses or wrong information and these decisions lead to a gigantic waste economy.


How AI, Data Science and Technology helps us

DEscribe how AI works and how we can leverage information in real time.


We are a R&D Lab with experts in Data Science, Agronomy, Engineering and Chemistry. We develop innovation ventures in high impact industries, which we operate either by ourselves or with Partners.

To fight Climate Change we need to reengineer the entire economic system. We see this as the biggest opportunity of our generation.  Great problems have always been brought great businesses.

We estimate that 40-70% resources are wasted and this is an INFORMATION PROBLEM and a TECHNOLOGY PROBLEM. This is where we approach. 

As a group of independent Data Scientists, Agronomists, Engineers and Chemists, we constitute an R&D Lab focused in developing INNOVATION VENTURES in industries such as Agriculture, Environment, Logistics, Food and others. We operate these ventures either by ourselves of together with partners. We are led and united by the common massive transformative purpose to reach climate Drawdown before 2050. We are a For-Profit organisation, however, profit maximisation and growth are not our primary goals. We invite other like-minded people and companies to join, rather than to rival. There are enough problems for all!


By using cutting edge technology and Artificial Intelligence, we can reduce resource waste by up to 70%. This is beneficial for Businesses our contribution to stop Climate Change.


We do Something Against the Cemetery of Knowledge

We see that there is an great reservoir of knowledge in the Academic and Science area.